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Bed Bug Issues? 

We can fix that, 





Here at Heat Wave we understand how a bed bug issue can affect your everyday life. Our priority is to provide comprehensive solutions with timely results you can count on.
Schedule an inspection with our friendly & knowledgeable team today to get rid of bed bugs tomorrow.


-The Heat Wave Team       

Heat Wave Prep Sheets

Thermal Heat Treatments

This type of treatment has become the #1 source for treating bed bug infestations.  ALL stages of bed bugs start dying almost immediately around 112 degress F.  This state of the art equipment is designed to heat areas up to 130 degrees F to penetrate walls, cracks, crevices, & any area where bed bugs can hide.  With our high tech heat sensors we are able to to pin point our heating efforts in almost impossible to reach areas to make sure all stages of bed bugs are eradicated for good.  This ONE time treatment can handle any size bed bug infestation.  Watch out bed bugs the Heat Wave is coming after you! 

Bed Bugs...

What exactly is a bed bug? Cimex lectularius, or bed bugs, are pesky insects that feed off mammal blood and mate by traumatic insemination. These insects have been traced all the way back to the Egyptians and have continued to thrive in modern day. Bed bugs range from 1.5 MM up to 7 MM in size and are broadly oval shaped. These insects are a brown to reddish color and are very thin. There are 5 stages of life cycles to a bed bug and it generally only takes 4 to 5 weeks, under favorable conditions, for one to go from egg-to-egg. Favorable conditions would be an environment that tends to stay around 80-90 degrees F, but they do have a thermal depth of around 112 degrees F. A female adult bed bug can live 6-12 months and longer. During this life span she can lay anywhere from around 200-500 eggs! Not only is that bad news, but she can lie anywhere from 1-3 eggs per day!  Timing is very important when combating bed bugs.  Get rid of your bed bug issue by scheduling a appointment today.









Why choose Heat Wave Bed Bug Control?


Your satisfaction is our dedication.  Heat Wave is geared to custom tailor our operations around your needs to reach effective solutions.  We strive to excel with: 

                  -online scheduling

-quick response times 

-thorough inspections

-knowledgeable staff 


More Bed Bug Stuff...

Residential Pest Services

Heat Wave is proud to announce we are now offering residential pest control services!  Our pest control techs have spent years keeping pest out of their own homes, so we figured why not help others with the same success? Our routine pest control processes keep all the Texas bugs out of your home without a technician coming inside your home.  We focus on long term pest solutions that help reduce or eliminate the amount of products used.  Contact us today to receive your first months service FREE.  

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