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Knowing what to look for is half the battle..........


Bed Bugs are:

  • 1.5 MM (1st stage) up to 7 MM (Adults)

  • Broadly Oval Shaped 

  • Brown to a Reddish Brown in Color

  • Very Thin & Vertically Flattened Body 

  • 4-Segmented Antennae


Cimex Lectularius, or bed bugs, can be elusive to the untrained eye.  1/3 of the general public do not show signs of the bites, which can make it difficult to detect.  Often people are not even aware they have bed bugs living with them until it is too late. Where do bed bugs hide?  



Bed Bug Detection 

As you can see by the chart above bed bugs are more likely to be in your bedroom versus any other area through out the dwelling.  Over 50% of the time as a matter of fact!

 Bed Bugs can be found throughout any structure, but they prefer to be within 20 feet of their host.  Despite popular belief they are not purely nocturnal, but they do tend to feed late at night due to the amount of C02 put out by potential host during sleep.  Bed bugs prefer dark spaces when dormant and are capable of hiding in any crack or crevice that they can fit into.  Boxsprings, mattresses, furniture, behind wall plates, & baseboards are popular spots for the pesky bed bug to hide, but they have been detected in other areas as well.   


 Bed bugs feed on blood!  Adults & large nymphs will void remains of earlier blood meals while feeding, which in turn will leave rusty or tarry spots on pillows and/or bed sheets.  If there are numerous of these rusty spots visible then there is most likely a heavy infestation that needs to be treated immediately.    


One major problem that people encounter is properly identifying bed bugs themselves. Often they are confused with german cockroaches, which are small roaches that tend to occupy a dwelling due to personal lifestyle & cleanliness.  It is crucial to properly identify bed bugs. 

Heat Wave Bed Bug Inspections


The Heat Wave Staff is fully trained to accurately detect bed bugs in a efficient and effective manner.  Whether we are dealing with a single family home or a large multi-family establishment rest assure that our team has the tools and knowledge to detect any current or potential infestations.  Efficiency is key.  The longer bed bugs remain in a space the faster they are able to reproduce.  We will detect each area that can be potentially harnessing bed bugs and give you or your client a piece of mind knowing that we are going to fix their problems so that they can go back to living life with out these pesty insects.  No matter what your bed bug need is Heat Wave Bed Bug Control is geared to provide you the solution that is right for you!  Contact us today to setup an appointment.  




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