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Bed Bug Solutions 

Thermal Heat Remediation


This type of treatment has become the #1 source for treating bed bug infestations.  ALL stages of bed bugs start dying almost immediately around 112 degress F.  This state of the art equipment is designed to heat areas up to 130 degrees F to penetrate walls, cracks, crevices, & any area where bed bugs can hide.  With our high tech heat sensors we are able to to pin point our heating efforts in almost impossible to reach areas to make sure all stages of bed bugs are eradicated for good.  This ONE time treatment solution can handle any size bed bug infestation.  Watch out bed bugs the Heat Wave is coming after you!      

Chemical Treatment


Insecticides have been used to treat bed bugs for many years now. This form of treatment can be very effective depending on the style and size of the bed bug infestation. One advantage to this form of treatment is the residual effect it has for bed bugs. This tried and true method tends to be more effective when treating vacant spaces vs. an occupied space, even though it has been proven to be effective for both. Accuracy is the key to success when dealing with insecticides. We will target specific areas for harborage when utilizing this process to eliminate the problem. There are times when we would need to re-visit the treated areas for a second treatment, but it all depends on how the bed bugs react.


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