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Bring the Heat Wave...

Do not let bed bugs control your life!

Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff walk you through the proper steps to take your life back from bed bugs.

Many wonder how did this happen to me?

Bed bugs have one purpose in life and that is to feed off warm blooded mammals. Bed bugs do not care where you are from, how much money you make, or what kind of home you live in.  

It happens to EVERYONE and it is nothing to be embarrassed or scared about. The important thing to focus on is that you are here NOW, working to correct the issue. These issues can be solved quickly.


First things first, schedule a bed bug inspection. Click the “Schedule Services” button below to get going.

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There has NEVER been a bed bug issue we could not solve!  100% Guaranteed.

How much money does it cost?  
-Thermal heat treatments start at $1,800.00 + sales tax for residential homes, but it can cost more.  
-Payment plan available*
-There is a $50 inspection fee for residential homes.  
-Includes a 60 day warranty*
Bed Bug Solutions 


-How do I get rid of these bugs for good?

-What is heat remediation and what can it do for me? 


Heat Wave Bed Bug Control specializes in providing thermal heat remediation treatments & other services to eradicate bed bug problems.  Our fully trained staff are highly educated in operating our state of the art equipment. We are confident that Heat Wave Bed Bug Control can get your life back from the control of bed bugs. 



Bed Bug Detection

Bed bugs can be elusive to the untrained eye.  It is often that victims of bed bugs are not even aware they are living with the insect.  Some keys areas where bed bugs are typically found include:


-Boxsprings                         -Mattresses

-Headboards                       -Walls/Ceilings

-Carpet/Flooring                  -Chairs & Couches


What can I do to detect bed bugs?



Bed Bug Prevention

Preventing a Bed Bug infestation can often times be much easier than treating one. You might be asking yourself what you can do to prevent Bed Bugs in your home?  Lucky for you there are many different tactics you can utilize to keep your home and most importantly, your family, Bed Bug free!

*all thermals come with a 60 day warranty, however a warranty can be voided under certain circumstances.  Ask a Heat Wave rep for more details

*payment plan option: total balance must be paid with two equal payments; the first payment is due to secure a spot on schedule & second payment is due upon arrival for services

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