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No More Pest Control Binders!!

Who actually keeps up with their properties pest control binder?  I mean, how could you when the physical binder is contantly filled to the brim with carbon copy papers, notes, and other random pest related items?


Here at Heat Wave BBC we have completely revolutionized the apartment communities pest control binder.  Our processes convert the traditional pest control binder into an online powerful tool that can be utilized by who ever needs on any device.


Our Online Pest Control Scheduling Sheets Features: 




















Tracking Efforts  

Each properties pest control scheduling sheet is accessible through any device that has access to a web browser via an active link.  This link can be saved on desktops or shared with other teams members.  For ex:  Say you were walking a recent move out and noticed they left the property with a heavy roach issue.  With our online sheets you could schedule the work needed on the spot from a mobile device and not have to remember when arriving back at the office.

Your properties online pest control scheduling sheet can be shared with anyone who needs access.  Have a owner that likes to be hands on?  Are you having issues with a particular unit and need to share info with a regional?  With our online scheduling sheet this is no issue.  You can text or email your properties pest control binder from any device with real time data!

There always seems to be that one unit that constantly reports having pest issues over and over.  Or what about how much work has your property scheduled over a designated period of time?  Not only does our online scheduling sheets make it easy to see what has happened on the weekly call back front, but we also track specialty services that have been completed for your property.  This data can be sorted by any column and serve as a powerful resource to hone in on where pest issues are starting and what it is going to take in order to get the issue under control.

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Know your tech...

Report as you go from any device.

We will keep you in the loop with real time data.

For Example:

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